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Subject: E1-Education

Course Title: Transition Programming for Individuals with Disabilities

Description: In-depth study of transition policy, programs, procedures and services for diverse populations. Focus of course is on the comprehensive transition process including preparation for employment, post-secondary education and training, independent living skills, skills in accessing community services, social skills, recreation and leisure skills. Effective educational programming, community services, transition planning, and collaboration between education and community services at the secondary level will be emphasized. X-grade allowed.

Course Information
Course ID Level Credits Primary Format
EDCT 5734 G 3 WWW
Supplemental Formats: E-Mail, Compressed Video,
Modes of Interaction
E-Mail: Yes Voice: No Postal: No Video: Yes Other:
Capacity Enrollment Starts Enrollment Ends Class Starts Class Ends
50 open 1/16/07 1/16/07 5/9/07
Enrollment Procedures:

See http://www.vto.vt.edu/register.php for instructions. Application fee $25.00

Special Enrollment Issues:

Course Prerequisites

Refer to course description and online catalog: http://www.vto.vt.edu/

Special Attendance Requirements:

Attendance and course requirements are at the discretion of the instructor.

Access to Learning resources:

Distance learning resources: http://www.vto.vt.edu/resources.php

Other Considerations:

Course meets on the Virginia Tech campus and at two other sites around Virginia. See http://www.vto.vt.edu for details.

Admissions Information:

Phone: 540-231-1264
Email: vto@vt.edu
Web Site: http://www.vto.vt.edu/register.php
Registration Information:

Phone: 540-231-1264
Email: vto@vt.edu
Web Site: http://www.vto.vt.edu/register.php

Course Costs

Category In-State Out-of-State
Tuition/Fees: $1169.25 $2175.75
General Service Fees: $81.25 $81.25
Program Fees: $0.00 $0.00
Technology Fees: $9.50 $9.50
Other Fees: $0.00 $30.00
Estimated Materials: $0.00 $0.00
TOTAL: $1260.00 $2296.50

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